This is a O2O marketing model


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Let me introduce this once a lifetime opportunity


This is a O2O marketing model


Asian brain power development authority-Huang Qianshuo was invited to teach at the Police University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the age of 24. At the age of 25, he succeeded in starting a business from scratch. At the age of 28, he traveled around the seven continents of the world on his own, making him the first youngest person in Taiwan to do it on his own. The life story was featured in high school textbooks, and was invited to speak at TEDx, and major media rushed to report. Honorary head of Fei Hyun Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 37, he published the book “Mini Retirement" and held a new book launch event at the Eslite Xinyi flagship store. As the first youngest author in Taiwan to share how to retire early, “Mini Retirement 2.0″ was launched again in 2019. Teaching for more than 15 years, dedicated to promoting the development of brain power into national education, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and the next generation. Click on the link below to take your friends and children to improve their competitiveness!



Here is my business card, please advise.!detail.jsp?cardId=8bf585f9-9203-43e9-a851-b140ac6fb363


Free eBook + Online Course-God Layout [Goddess earns 300 million in two years, how to do it?]

Free e-book + online course:


Briefly speaking, this business has following merits:

1Very low investment

2 most profitable


4 Fastest return on investment

5 Looks great and feels best when traveling everywhere without pressure

6 The most invincible products

7 Plenty for resource

Wish you have a relaxing weekend !

Samuel Lin +886933941358

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