Barnone Essence



Barnone Essence

Combined with avant-garde health ideas, Barnone comes from a previous natural vegetable essence using revolutionary extraction technique, which tries to lead the groundbreaking revolution in the health industry and make great contribution to human health.


Health Benefits

  • Help block sugar absorption.
  • Help balance blood sugar and maintain health.
  • Facilitate burning fat and decreasing fat deposition.
  • Help eliminate sugar and food addiction.
  • Maintain a slender body figure; keep healthy and beautiful.
  • Enhance immunity and delay the aging process.


  • Precious, unique mulberry leaves flavonoids of ultra-high purity
  • Amazing compound formula
  • Innovative health ideas



  • Whoever wants to have a healthy and sexy body figure?
  • Whoever likes to eat sweet food
  • Fat people whose body figure results from overeating
  • Whoever wants to improve physiology and enhance vitality


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