Apple Pectin Drink



Apple Pectin Drink

Swiss scientists and researchers discovered “applecell" has repairing, powerful regenerating and antioxidant functions when combined with biotechnology, Chinese medicine and biomedical essence. Using revolutionary technology leading the globe, the drink maintains the most natural components and pure taste to activate body function and exclude inner wastes.


Health Benefits

Helpful to exclude accumulated wastes inside body and facilitate bowel movement, thus enabling smooth discharge and improved intestinal conditions
Adjust physical constitution, maintain beauty
Raise basal metabolism rate, control weight and keep slender body shape

Product Features

Honored with some of the most creative awards using natural ingredients such as European Invention Award
All natural botanical extracts. Careful selection and high quality. Without pesticide, western medicines, heavy metals and other bad additives.


Suitable for Those

Who stay in polluted environments for a long time
Who take insufficient vegetables and fruits daily or always eat outsides
With bad complexion or in a poor spirit
With poor metabolism or physical strength
With dark skin and rough texture
Whose digestion is not good or bowl movement doesn’t run well
Whose body figure is deforming


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